Monday, January 21, 2013


Our remodel on our house is about half way done. Hopefully we'll be done in 3-4 weeks. It's so hard to be patient, I just want it to be done now.

It's going to be worth the time and money spent, but right now it's getting hard to keep up this pace of splitting our time and attention between trying to keep up with regular life (meals, laundry, etc) and spending every spare minute over at the house getting stuff done. I especially feel bad for Jeremy who works full time and then spends so many hours at the house working.

Out of necessity we've hired out jobs we were planning to do ourselves, but we just can't do it all.

The kitchen is mostly done, the counters are coming today. The floors have to wait until all the doors get replaced, which should happen on Friday. All the exterior doors were very inefficient and leaked cold air in like crazy. It wasn't part of the original plan to replace all the doors, but it seemed like a good time to do it while everything is torn apart. It just added time to the project we weren't planning on (not to mention the cost, we have 6 exterior doors-2 in the garage, 1 from the garage into the house, the front door, a back door out the laundry area, and a side door--way too many doors if you ask me).

Besides being anxious to move into our own space and have plenty of room for everything and everyone, I am getting so impatient because I want to see how it all comes together. Seeing the kitchen in gets me so excited for the style we've chosen. We don't have the doors and trim in yet but the picture I've included is the style of door trim we are doing.

I still have many final choices to make, the tile for the master bath and shower, the faucets, half bath vanity and the light fixtures. I have ideas of what I want, but finding them in real life and at affordable options are proving difficult.