Friday, January 27, 2012

Name that Baby

 People have been asking who Matthew looks like and I don't really know, so I'll let you decide for yourself.  Can you name the baby? And who looks who?

So, what is it like having 5 kids, crazy, but I don't really know the reality of it yet.  My wonderful friends and neighbors have been bringing meals for the last week, so many yummy things each night, and my sister is here helping take care of the kids and the house, so all I've had to focus on is Matthew. 
When she leaves in 10 days or so will be the litmus test.

Here are the baby photos with the answers, how many did you get right? The color of clothing and the baby bow should have helped narrow down the possibilities. 


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our new arrival

Matthew Scott Taysom

January 18, 2012     Born 11:26 am

8 lbs 14 oz   21 inches

Long fingers and toes

Loved by all, even Lydia, who was convinced that I was having a girl,
she wouldn't trade her new brother for anything.

Welcome sweet, new baby boy.

Baby has arrived

Just a quick post to announce the arrival of our sweet baby boy, Matthew Scott Taysom. More details and pictures will be posted later.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's not a summer day

Our weather here in Florida has been mostly in the 80's. There have been a few cooler days here and there, but mostly shorts and t-shirt weather.

Today the air is significantly cooler, right now at 10 am it is about 55 degrees. Lydia went outside and then came promptly back in a said,

"It is not a summer day"

I said, no, it is not. I love the cool air and love that it is not a summer day. It is nice to have warm winters, however in the 80's doesn't make it seem like winter at all, I would like it to be in the 70's, or at least not be so humid so that it feels pleasant to be outside. Regardless, I love a day like today with crisp cool air.

After getting geared up in a jacket and hat Lydia went outside again, but soon returned to say,

"I forgot a jacket for my legs."
"No, you need pants on." I replied.
"Oh, pants." she said, as if that was a novel idea to wear pants.