Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enjoying our time in Pine Valley

I love the mountains. I love the cool night air. Spending time together as a family is awesome.

Today is Pioneer Day. Jeremy and grandma and grandpa Taysom took the kids to the Pine Valley Pioneer Day breakfast. Matthew and I were sleepy heads and slept in until 9 am (I had a migraine last night and didn't sleep well).
The kids had a great time eating pancakes and playing pioneer type games. Matthew and I watched the Days of 47 parade on tv. The floats are quite impressive.

The kids spent the day with cousins, playing and going for a walk. Jeremy spent time helping his dad.

Tonight we went to a BBQ at Johnny and Linda's, along with half of Pine Valley, they have a lot of friends. It was such a beautiful evening, the weather was such a nice temperature today.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sun Valley

We drove to Sun Valley, which is two hours away. There are no trees or mountains until you are right there. Sun valley town is touristy and looks awesome, but our true love was the quiet trails out of town where no people were around.

I am so happy to be back near forests and mountains to go hiking and camping and hopefully even go skiing.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

New life

So, our time in Florida has come to a close and right now we are in between things. Currently we are in Utah staying with Jeremy's parents who live in the mountains and we are loving the beauty and cooler weather.

Yesterday we went boating with Brad at Gunlocks reservoir. It is so beautiful there. The kids enjoyed being pulled in the tube behind the boat and Charlie was able to get up on the knee board and he loved it.

Today Charlie and Tom have been helping Jeremy and grandpa do yard work-grandpa is putting in a waterfall feature.

Earlier Jeremy and I snuck away for a lunch date at the little restaurant in town, even leaving little Matthew with grandma and the rest of the kids. We rode on the four wheeler down the rode to the Brandin Iron for chicken salad (with homemade ranch, yum) and an ice cream cone at the new ice cream shop they just opened.

Last summer the kids and I spent the summer here with grandma and grandpa and we had such a lovely summer (Jeremy was doing clinicals in Davenport and Port st Joe in Florida). It is nice to have Jeremy with us this summer and enjoy this together as a family.