Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enjoying our time in Pine Valley

I love the mountains. I love the cool night air. Spending time together as a family is awesome.

Today is Pioneer Day. Jeremy and grandma and grandpa Taysom took the kids to the Pine Valley Pioneer Day breakfast. Matthew and I were sleepy heads and slept in until 9 am (I had a migraine last night and didn't sleep well).
The kids had a great time eating pancakes and playing pioneer type games. Matthew and I watched the Days of 47 parade on tv. The floats are quite impressive.

The kids spent the day with cousins, playing and going for a walk. Jeremy spent time helping his dad.

Tonight we went to a BBQ at Johnny and Linda's, along with half of Pine Valley, they have a lot of friends. It was such a beautiful evening, the weather was such a nice temperature today.

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