Thursday, January 29, 2009

Return to Health - Challenge 1

In effort to achieve more energy and health I've decided I need "progress" (my goal for this year) points of small things I can add to my daily routine.

For this week and maybe the next few week my challenge is:

Eat whole grains for breakfast

I am a cereal lover and could eat it every meal let alone every morning for breakfast. Now, potentially, there is nothing wrong with cereal, but as the start to the day and as a mainstay food it falls short in the nutrition category. I'm sure there are healthy, wonderful cereals that categorize as whole grain (like All-Fiber, but seriously, who could really eat that every day - gag).
What I mean by whole grains is "whole" as in not processed - which even rolled oats are stretching it because they are processed - they are rolled. The more whole version of rolled oats are steel cut oats, which, by the way, are 10 times better than rolled oats - I felt so jipped when I found out about steel cut oats. All this time I thought I hated oatmeal, but really I just don't prefer rolled oats that are cooked.

So far one of my favorite whole grains that I've found is actually a medley of grains - corn, wheat, oats, nuts, dried fruit - it's called "Dee's Cereal" and I buy it at Harmons. Because all the grains are cut small (not processed, just cut) it cooks quickly. My kids love oatmeal and whole wheat pancakes, so that is what I usually feed them.

So here's to my first challenge - if you like, join with me on my adventure and we'll do this together. Let me know what other great breakfast options there are - what are your favorites.

Hair and kids

Lydia in her new bouncer - she loves it for about 5 minutes at a time - then she wants to be held again.
Look at that sweet face - she is so adorable!

Jeremy currently has a beard. I love it, but he continuously is threatening to shave it off. He has such a baby boy face that the beard makes him look more like a man. Either way - he is a handsome man and I love him.

I got my hair cut last week - I wasn't going for that short of a cut - but I'm glad it ended up that short - I love it! It is super easy to do and stays looking nice the whole day. When I had long hair it always ended up pulled back in a pony tail sooner or later.

My children are ever adventurous and last week decided to rearrange their room. Charlie took his mattress off the top of the bunkbed and put his shelves and some chairs on the platform. His mattress is on the floor, where it has stayed since last week and so far they still like the arrangement. With his mattress on the floor there isn't much floor space left. This arrangement might end sooner than later because it is starting to bug me - I don't like stepping on the mattress to get to the window and to get to the dresser.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friend magazine online

Have you seen the new options for the online Friend magazine
It now has interactive online things for kids to do - color, listen to stories, games, etc. I had a fun time using the online coloring - try it out.
The Friend is the greatest resource - I am just starting to realize the possibilities. The other day Charlie and I did the mystery word hunt at the back of the January 2009 Friend. It was great, not only as an activity to do together, but it gave him great practice with the alphabet and putting words together - what a fun way for him to learn.

Our open house trip

We had a wonderful time last week going to the Draper Temple open house. To read the details of the event click on the scrapbook page picture and it will come up big in a new page and you can read what I journaled there.

Besides that, there isn't much new to write about. We've been keeping it pretty low key here. I've been so tired lately and we haven't done much of anything - no park days, no library time, not really much of anything.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wacky Hair

This picture page was really fun to put together. It's fun to explore photoshop elements and try new things. I'm also excited that this layout is all my own design - the layout I was using as inspiration looks nothing like what I came up with, but I couldn't get my pictures to work for the other layout and instead of starting over I just moved around the pictures and added borders and shadows until I created something that looked good to me.

The pictures are from a couple weeks ago when Jeremy was washing the kids. Usually the kids scream and hate when he washes their hair (I would too, he pours the water over the top of their head while they are still sitting up and it runs all down their face. I always have them lay back so the water doesn't get in their face). Well, in effort to prompt more fun and cooperation of the ordeal he gave them mohawks - which they loved. Tom still asks if I will do a mohawk for him with the hair gel so that he can wear his hair for the day like that - I tell him that is just for tubby time fun.

Winter Days

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and today is too - I LOVE sunny, warm days that are reminiscent of summer days. Now that Jeremy is working nights (and sleeping days) he is home in the afternoon. Yesterday afternoon we took the kids to the park and played for 3 hours. It was almost 60 degrees and the kids didn't even wear jackets. This is why I love living in St. George - not for the summers that are 115, but for the winters that are a sunny 60.

We are taking our kids to the Draper Utah Temple open house on Friday. The open house starts this Thursday and goes through the middle of March. I was sad that I missed the Rexburg Temple open house last year, so although Draper isn't near and dear to my heart the same way Rexburg is, it will still be wonderful to have the opportunity to take the kids through the Temple so that they can experience the Spirit of the Temple. Last night when I asked Charlie if he would like to go to the open house his eyes got really big, and he nodded his head up and down and finally he said, "yeah, that would be so cool". I'm hoping that the weather will be sunny and warm on Friday -our ticket time is in the morning, and we southerners aren't used to the cold.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Word of the Year

I found my word of the year! My goals summed up into one word. This year I'm not looking to achieve anything or check things off my list (things never leave the "list" they just get put back to the bottom or where ever - nothing is ever done). Last fall Charlie had gymnastic classes and the teacher would always say "Practice makes progress". That makes so much more sense than "practice makes perfect", which feels so unattainable, but to know that we can improve and become better - that is a worthy goal.

So my goal this year is to make progress - to improve and become a little better than I was last year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 FHE lessons for the whole year

I've already sent an email to many of you with this file of family home evenings for the year. For the rest of you here is the link to the website that posted this great resource.
I'm using it in conjunction with my idea of having a scripture hero of the month. I'm not using the FHE lessons in the order presented, rather I am rearranging them to fit with the Hero of the month. I'm not finished planning out the whole year but so far I have my "hero" of the month and their "power" outlined, I just have to finish detailing which lessons go with each one.
Jan - Nephi - power of Obedience
Feb - Alma the younger - power of Repentance
Mar - King Benjamin - power of Service and Gratitude
Apr - Abinidai, power of Faith in Christ
May - Alma, power of Baptism
Jun - Ammon, power of Missionary Work
Jul - Captain Moroni, power of Example
Aug - Enos, power of Prayer
Sept - Mormon - power of Hope and Charity
Oct - Moroni, power of Testimony
Nov - Brother of Jared - power of Family
Dec - Jesus Christ - power of Doing the Father's Will

The plan is to each week of that particular month focus on learning more about each of these Book of Mormon people, specifically focusing on their "power" and how we can implement these in our own lives.

P.S. the download from that website it formatted funny. I've already gone through and made changes so it downloads better. If you don't want to have to reformat it all send me a message with your email and I will email you my copy.

Pictures of the Moon

I took these pictures of the moon this morning at 8:30 am. It was a beautiful morning and I almost didn't take the time away from making breakfast to stop and take a few pictures. I'm glad I did, because it wasn't much longer after I took the shots that it was too light and the moon could no longer be seen. Interesting that the difference between able to take a picture like this or missing it is only a few minutes. That is one thing I have noticed with taking pictures in general - photo moments are just that, moments or less and if you miss it you miss it and can't recreate it. The moral of this story is, take the shot while you can.


Tom, aka. Max
The first picture is Tom, who is endlessly changing his name. A few weeks ago his recent "new" name was "Max" as shown by the letters on his forehead. He found some letter stickers and put them on his forehead - "so people know my name" he declared. Of course, why not, maybe we should all paste our names on our foreheads. I know it would help me out very much - I am so bad with names. Even with people who I know, I still will blank on people's names time to time.
The stickers from Tom's forehead were transferred to his Christmas stocking so that Santa would know his new name and be able to give "Max" Tom's gifts.

Today was the first day since in a while that I got out my camera. I wanted to take a picture of our new fish tank that we bought at the DI last night. We got two goldfish months ago and they lived just fine in a small fish bowl. Last night when we were at the DI Jeremy found this fish tank, with all the "trimmings" for $20 and decided that since he was the one who loved and cared for our fish, by weekly cleaning their tank, then he could be the one to decide that not only were the fish worthy of a larger tank, but they should also get some friends. We didn't buy any new fish last night, but I'm sure that will happen soon.

Our Fish

It's true, that if it weren't for Jeremy cleaning out the fish bowl they would either be swimming in the dirtiest water ever, or they would be dead. I figure I have enough to do without having to clean a fish bowl.
Our fish are strange fish. When they lived in their small bowl I noticed that when I would feed them they would swim to the bottom of the bowl and then wait until I was out of sight until they would come up and eat. They did not like to be watched when they were eating. Now that they have lots of room to roam and places to hide it is even more evident that they do not like to be watched. When anyone comes near by they dart back and forth very quickly and then "hide" by the plant. I say "hide" because it isn't really hiding at all. They turn their face toward the plant, but it's not like they go behind it or in the middle of it, they just face it and then just sit there until we walk away. I never knew that fish could be so entertaining. It really is interesting to observe them.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Becca is a joy! She is two years old, so she also can be a handful - always getting into things and always wanting to do things herself - "I do it" and "I did it" are two of the most common things she says.
Becca is so cute with baby Lydia. She can't quite say Lydia, it sounds more like "I deea" and Becca loves to say "I deea, no, no, no" and gibber at her and try to get her to laugh. Becca talks a mile a minute and has lots of stories to tell, we just can't understand her, as grandpa Scott says, who knows what language she is speaking.
Becca loves to sing. At church she will hold the hymnbook (sometimes upside down) and sing "la, la" during the songs. Her favorite song is "I love to see the Temple" and she sings along and knows almost all of the words. At bedtime she has us sing that song to her over and over and over again.
When she says "no" she has the cutest and funniest inflection in her voice - like when we are looking at a book and I ask her a question she loves to answer "no", but it's the way that she says it is so cute and funny - and the face that she makes when she says it.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

After I posted this the first time I was playing around in photoshop and trying new things and completely changed the scrapbook page from the original - first one (which is the one I played around with) is more dramatic than what I usually do, but I like it.

Using a tutorial that my neighbor Allison gave me I made the "slide" template and then put my photos in the slide to make this scrapbook page. Making the slide template was easy and just took a couple minutes. It's fun to learn new things and be able to create my own things to use on my scrapbook pages.

Happy New Year to all. I never did do any Christmas cards to anyone - so don't feel bad if you didn't get one - no one did.

I'm excited for the newness of the new year. I like to take time thinking about what I want to have happen in this next year.

One goal I have for this next year is to work on gaining the skill of storytelling - in order to not only tell existing stories, but also to make up stories. Currently I don't have a skill for telling stories and I've decided it is a skill I would like to develop, so thus my goal to work on it in this new year.

I find that I have an easier time planning FHE if I have an outline of what to focus and then just fill in the blanks of what to do each Monday. This year I'm borrowing an idea I read somewhere to have Book of Mormon Hero's for each month and then break it off in subtopics. For instance, January the hero is Nephi and some of the subtopics are - Nephi followed the prophet (so the lesson would be about prophets), Nephi kept a record (ie, journal), Nephi kept the commandments. One reason this idea of Heros works for me is because of my boys and they are at the superhero age, so it seems nice to help them have heros that are definitely worth looking up to.