Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wacky Hair

This picture page was really fun to put together. It's fun to explore photoshop elements and try new things. I'm also excited that this layout is all my own design - the layout I was using as inspiration looks nothing like what I came up with, but I couldn't get my pictures to work for the other layout and instead of starting over I just moved around the pictures and added borders and shadows until I created something that looked good to me.

The pictures are from a couple weeks ago when Jeremy was washing the kids. Usually the kids scream and hate when he washes their hair (I would too, he pours the water over the top of their head while they are still sitting up and it runs all down their face. I always have them lay back so the water doesn't get in their face). Well, in effort to prompt more fun and cooperation of the ordeal he gave them mohawks - which they loved. Tom still asks if I will do a mohawk for him with the hair gel so that he can wear his hair for the day like that - I tell him that is just for tubby time fun.


justinandjen said...

Oh.. come on... the mohawks look awesome! I hope they get to wear them to church this Sun.=)

Alison said...

How cute! That definitely looks like fun. And Dave is the same way pouring water all over the poor kids' heads! It must be a man thing. Love your layout!

Bridgette said...

I love this page! You are so talented.

angela said...

That is awesome! I need a picture like that. I really like your bathroom, too.