Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 FHE lessons for the whole year

I've already sent an email to many of you with this file of family home evenings for the year. For the rest of you here is the link to the website that posted this great resource.
I'm using it in conjunction with my idea of having a scripture hero of the month. I'm not using the FHE lessons in the order presented, rather I am rearranging them to fit with the Hero of the month. I'm not finished planning out the whole year but so far I have my "hero" of the month and their "power" outlined, I just have to finish detailing which lessons go with each one.
Jan - Nephi - power of Obedience
Feb - Alma the younger - power of Repentance
Mar - King Benjamin - power of Service and Gratitude
Apr - Abinidai, power of Faith in Christ
May - Alma, power of Baptism
Jun - Ammon, power of Missionary Work
Jul - Captain Moroni, power of Example
Aug - Enos, power of Prayer
Sept - Mormon - power of Hope and Charity
Oct - Moroni, power of Testimony
Nov - Brother of Jared - power of Family
Dec - Jesus Christ - power of Doing the Father's Will

The plan is to each week of that particular month focus on learning more about each of these Book of Mormon people, specifically focusing on their "power" and how we can implement these in our own lives.

P.S. the download from that website it formatted funny. I've already gone through and made changes so it downloads better. If you don't want to have to reformat it all send me a message with your email and I will email you my copy.


angela said...

Did I already email you back and tell you thank you? These are great!

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Hi! What a great resource...I found you via Heather. Would you be willing to email me the original download? (

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Hi! Just wondering if you'd be willing to email me your already formatted version? My email is:

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