Monday, January 12, 2009

Word of the Year

I found my word of the year! My goals summed up into one word. This year I'm not looking to achieve anything or check things off my list (things never leave the "list" they just get put back to the bottom or where ever - nothing is ever done). Last fall Charlie had gymnastic classes and the teacher would always say "Practice makes progress". That makes so much more sense than "practice makes perfect", which feels so unattainable, but to know that we can improve and become better - that is a worthy goal.

So my goal this year is to make progress - to improve and become a little better than I was last year.


Heather said...

great word! i love the definitions especially. and practice makes progress is a positive thing to focus on with kids (and mom!).

Karri said...

I love this. Great word. We can all feel better about ourselves even if we make a little progress.

Spencer Smyth said...

Great thought. That sounds just like something President Hinckley would have said.