Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Days

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and today is too - I LOVE sunny, warm days that are reminiscent of summer days. Now that Jeremy is working nights (and sleeping days) he is home in the afternoon. Yesterday afternoon we took the kids to the park and played for 3 hours. It was almost 60 degrees and the kids didn't even wear jackets. This is why I love living in St. George - not for the summers that are 115, but for the winters that are a sunny 60.

We are taking our kids to the Draper Utah Temple open house on Friday. The open house starts this Thursday and goes through the middle of March. I was sad that I missed the Rexburg Temple open house last year, so although Draper isn't near and dear to my heart the same way Rexburg is, it will still be wonderful to have the opportunity to take the kids through the Temple so that they can experience the Spirit of the Temple. Last night when I asked Charlie if he would like to go to the open house his eyes got really big, and he nodded his head up and down and finally he said, "yeah, that would be so cool". I'm hoping that the weather will be sunny and warm on Friday -our ticket time is in the morning, and we southerners aren't used to the cold.

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Heather said...

today it's sunny and the snow is slightly slushy. but still it's under 40 degrees. how fun to come and see the temple. we are going in february. have fun!