Sunday, January 11, 2009


Tom, aka. Max
The first picture is Tom, who is endlessly changing his name. A few weeks ago his recent "new" name was "Max" as shown by the letters on his forehead. He found some letter stickers and put them on his forehead - "so people know my name" he declared. Of course, why not, maybe we should all paste our names on our foreheads. I know it would help me out very much - I am so bad with names. Even with people who I know, I still will blank on people's names time to time.
The stickers from Tom's forehead were transferred to his Christmas stocking so that Santa would know his new name and be able to give "Max" Tom's gifts.

Today was the first day since in a while that I got out my camera. I wanted to take a picture of our new fish tank that we bought at the DI last night. We got two goldfish months ago and they lived just fine in a small fish bowl. Last night when we were at the DI Jeremy found this fish tank, with all the "trimmings" for $20 and decided that since he was the one who loved and cared for our fish, by weekly cleaning their tank, then he could be the one to decide that not only were the fish worthy of a larger tank, but they should also get some friends. We didn't buy any new fish last night, but I'm sure that will happen soon.

Our Fish

It's true, that if it weren't for Jeremy cleaning out the fish bowl they would either be swimming in the dirtiest water ever, or they would be dead. I figure I have enough to do without having to clean a fish bowl.
Our fish are strange fish. When they lived in their small bowl I noticed that when I would feed them they would swim to the bottom of the bowl and then wait until I was out of sight until they would come up and eat. They did not like to be watched when they were eating. Now that they have lots of room to roam and places to hide it is even more evident that they do not like to be watched. When anyone comes near by they dart back and forth very quickly and then "hide" by the plant. I say "hide" because it isn't really hiding at all. They turn their face toward the plant, but it's not like they go behind it or in the middle of it, they just face it and then just sit there until we walk away. I never knew that fish could be so entertaining. It really is interesting to observe them.

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