Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

After I posted this the first time I was playing around in photoshop and trying new things and completely changed the scrapbook page from the original - first one (which is the one I played around with) is more dramatic than what I usually do, but I like it.

Using a tutorial that my neighbor Allison gave me I made the "slide" template and then put my photos in the slide to make this scrapbook page. Making the slide template was easy and just took a couple minutes. It's fun to learn new things and be able to create my own things to use on my scrapbook pages.

Happy New Year to all. I never did do any Christmas cards to anyone - so don't feel bad if you didn't get one - no one did.

I'm excited for the newness of the new year. I like to take time thinking about what I want to have happen in this next year.

One goal I have for this next year is to work on gaining the skill of storytelling - in order to not only tell existing stories, but also to make up stories. Currently I don't have a skill for telling stories and I've decided it is a skill I would like to develop, so thus my goal to work on it in this new year.

I find that I have an easier time planning FHE if I have an outline of what to focus and then just fill in the blanks of what to do each Monday. This year I'm borrowing an idea I read somewhere to have Book of Mormon Hero's for each month and then break it off in subtopics. For instance, January the hero is Nephi and some of the subtopics are - Nephi followed the prophet (so the lesson would be about prophets), Nephi kept a record (ie, journal), Nephi kept the commandments. One reason this idea of Heros works for me is because of my boys and they are at the superhero age, so it seems nice to help them have heros that are definitely worth looking up to.


Marne said...

Great page Jenni! Really cute. I like your goal with FHE. Have you seen those BofM Hero books at Desert Book? They are by David Bowman, and super cute. My kids love them, and that is what they are about...heros in the BofM and a principle to go with each one. There are also FHE lessons at the end of each story. Just FYI...

Happy new year!

The Dawlings said...

nice superhero idea. i am going to steal it.
I saw your parents last week in Idaho, so good to see them (and Spencer too!)

Bridgette said...

What a great idea for FHE. Ben and I have been trying to come up with good ideas for FHE this year.

Bonita said...

Love the hero idea...for christmas we bought some posters from for some real hero posters. My boys love them!

justinandjen said...

I love your FHE idea! Becca's pictures are sooo dang cute! Can't believe she's 2 already!