Thursday, June 28, 2012




Moving is an arduous process.
Arduous - involving strenuous effort, difficult, tiring.
I looked up arduous just to make sure it meant what I thought it did and sure enough it describes quite accurately the moving process.
Moving from Florida to Idaho is a long way to go, but also I realized we might be moving more than once after we get to Idaho. I would like to buy a house, but we need to rent first.
So keeping that in mind I wanted to pack in a way that we would know what was in each box to be able to not only easily set aside the boxes we wouldn't need right away, but also so we could easily find anything that was still in a box.
So I did a numbering system.
Boxes starting in the 100's are books and stuff from the office.
Boxes in the 200's are bedroom and bathroom.
300's are kitchen and 400's are all things miscellaneous.
I had a paper with each category and stared 101 and wrote down the contents of the box and then 102 and so on. I have four sheets of paper that are my master list for what is in each box.
It was a lot of work, but I know I will be so glad I took the effort. In fact just seeing the boxes all stacked with the numbers on them felt awesome.
I used white, large sized, pre-sticky address labels, which were easy to stick on the boxes and makes it easy to distinguish the number from whatever was printed on the box. I am a very visual person and like to be able to quickly and easily distinguish important information.

My friend Liz came over and helped me and because I had the system in place she was easily able to label the boxes and write on the paper and I just had to focus on filling the boxes.

Last Thursday, after Jeremy passed his board exam (way to go, most exciting text message I have ever gotten, he passed and school is completely done) the kids and I got on a plane and flew into Vegas and then my sister-in-law drove us to Utah.
Ours was a short one day journey and my children traveled very well. Jeremy's brothers flew out to Florida and got there Friday. They packed the truck and on Saturday they started their cross-country journey.
They should get to Utah today, July 4th, but we won't take our stuff to Idaho until Monday when we can move it into the rental.
We were able to find an okay rental with a good backyard space and just two houses down from an awesome park. My kids love being outside and having lived the last three years with no yard space has been hard. So at the top of my list was finding a place with a yard my kids could spend lots of time in.
The place I found has a great yard, but we made some compromises like no master bath, just a shared hall bath, and no garage, just a car port.
When I went to the house to check it out it just felt so right and I just knew it was meant for us.
I'm excited for Monday when we get to move in and to feel the benefits of my organized packing, because a fair amount of our stuff is going to stay in boxes and only the essentials are coming out for now.

I also need to add a thank you to all my wonderful friends who helped me pack and clean and who watched my kids so they weren't bored. I have such wonderful friends and it makes me almost cry just thinking about all the wonderful people I'm leaving behind.
Thank you. Thank you. I love you. I miss you.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I loved Legoland Florida. My kids loved Legoland too.

It is so beautiful there. The Lego creations throughout the park are awesome and incredible, but to me the true star of the show is the landscape. The Banyan tree that is tucked back in the farthest corner is well worth the walk to go see. As awesome as the Lego creations are, this work of nature wins top prize.

It was a hot day and as much as we tried to stay hydrated and be in the shade as much as we could I ended up with heat stroke. Fortunately no one else did. The 3 1/2 hour drive home ended up being an hour longer due to multiple stops for beverages and throw up sacks.
I was feeling miserable and wanted to be home in my bed. My husband was very thoughtful and attentive and was doing his best to "nurse" me by continuously handing me Gatorade to take sips every few minutes.
The worst stomach churning part only lasted a half hour or so and then I just rested the best I could in the car. By the time we got home I was feeling improved.
My children were very concerned for me. It's not very often that any of us get sick and the few times I've got sick to my stomach has been in the middle of the night. So they've never before seen me throw up.
After we got home Tom told me that he and Becca had been praying for me. (he and Becca rode in the car with grandma and grandpa Taysom, while the rest of us were riding in the van) I told that must have been why I got better so quickly.
I am grateful for their prayers and even before he told me that I remember thinking that I was feeling better sooner than I thought I would have.

So despite my getting sick on the way home we had a lovely day and I am happy to report that I am restored to health, although I will be taking it easy tomorrow and I don't intend to spend a full day in the sun again any time soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Beach

I'm pretty impressed with my iphone - all these pictures were taken with my iphone - it makes it so easy and convenient to take lots of pictures. I need to get all the pictures from my phone (560) loaded onto my computer. I love taking pictures, but I don't always have a camera handy, but I always have my phone. I didn't realize until a week or two ago that I can even zoom on my iphone - nice feature to know about that I use often.
The sunset picture up above is a bit grainy looking, but that is because I zoomed in, all the other photos look great, especially compared to my last phone and the horrible pictures that it took.

I'm going to miss the beach.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

We did it!!!!!!!

Graduation Day!!!

Jeremy officially received his Masters degree today and graduated from Wolford College.

Jeremy's parents were able to come be here -- very proud of their first son to get a masters degree.

It's been a long 28 months and I can't really believe that we are done.

We've had lots of really great friends here in Florida that have been a wonderful support to us. In particular we are thankful for Jeremy's two class mates, Art and Brent, who were his study buddies and they spent way too many hours together. We are happy to share this day with them and say congratulations to them too.

We have a job in Twin Falls Id and will be moving there next month.

Wish I had a better photo of this - with our dear friends Art and Lisa Adcock

Jeremy and Art being silly and I don't know why but Art's eyes glowed like that - white eye instead of red eye I guess.

Future graduates, and according to Lydia there might be a marriage in store for them. After Bryce Carpenter moved she told me that she couldn't marry Bryce since he moved so now she would marry Alex.

Happy Days are here again.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I can pin from my iPhone and iPad

If you haven't heard of pinterest don't go looking for it -- it is addictive, so consider yourself warned.

I saw the potential of pinterest from the first time I stumbled onto it-- a place to keep track of ideas found on the Internet, no more bookmarking everything and then trying to remember where a certain idea was.

So when I first started doing pinterest I had only pins I had found myself, I was unaware of the repin feature where you look at what others have pinned and then repin their pins. That is the addictive part.

Then I got into repinning because I mostly do pinterest on my iPad and there wasn't a way to do my own pins on the iPad.

Until today.

I found a tutorial of how to pin from my iPad so now I can go back to just pinning my own things I want to keep track of and not get sucked into "pinterest" land.

The picture doesn't have much to do with this post except that it was my trial pin from my phone, and it worked.