Saturday, June 09, 2012

We did it!!!!!!!

Graduation Day!!!

Jeremy officially received his Masters degree today and graduated from Wolford College.

Jeremy's parents were able to come be here -- very proud of their first son to get a masters degree.

It's been a long 28 months and I can't really believe that we are done.

We've had lots of really great friends here in Florida that have been a wonderful support to us. In particular we are thankful for Jeremy's two class mates, Art and Brent, who were his study buddies and they spent way too many hours together. We are happy to share this day with them and say congratulations to them too.

We have a job in Twin Falls Id and will be moving there next month.

Wish I had a better photo of this - with our dear friends Art and Lisa Adcock

Jeremy and Art being silly and I don't know why but Art's eyes glowed like that - white eye instead of red eye I guess.

Future graduates, and according to Lydia there might be a marriage in store for them. After Bryce Carpenter moved she told me that she couldn't marry Bryce since he moved so now she would marry Alex.

Happy Days are here again.

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Carolina said...

Congratulations to your whole family! I know Jeremy got the title, but you all did your part, for sure. We will be SO SO SO sad to see you guys leave. I'm glad your finish date finally came. Now on to the next chapter!