Monday, June 11, 2012


I loved Legoland Florida. My kids loved Legoland too.

It is so beautiful there. The Lego creations throughout the park are awesome and incredible, but to me the true star of the show is the landscape. The Banyan tree that is tucked back in the farthest corner is well worth the walk to go see. As awesome as the Lego creations are, this work of nature wins top prize.

It was a hot day and as much as we tried to stay hydrated and be in the shade as much as we could I ended up with heat stroke. Fortunately no one else did. The 3 1/2 hour drive home ended up being an hour longer due to multiple stops for beverages and throw up sacks.
I was feeling miserable and wanted to be home in my bed. My husband was very thoughtful and attentive and was doing his best to "nurse" me by continuously handing me Gatorade to take sips every few minutes.
The worst stomach churning part only lasted a half hour or so and then I just rested the best I could in the car. By the time we got home I was feeling improved.
My children were very concerned for me. It's not very often that any of us get sick and the few times I've got sick to my stomach has been in the middle of the night. So they've never before seen me throw up.
After we got home Tom told me that he and Becca had been praying for me. (he and Becca rode in the car with grandma and grandpa Taysom, while the rest of us were riding in the van) I told that must have been why I got better so quickly.
I am grateful for their prayers and even before he told me that I remember thinking that I was feeling better sooner than I thought I would have.

So despite my getting sick on the way home we had a lovely day and I am happy to report that I am restored to health, although I will be taking it easy tomorrow and I don't intend to spend a full day in the sun again any time soon.

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