Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Beach

I'm pretty impressed with my iphone - all these pictures were taken with my iphone - it makes it so easy and convenient to take lots of pictures. I need to get all the pictures from my phone (560) loaded onto my computer. I love taking pictures, but I don't always have a camera handy, but I always have my phone. I didn't realize until a week or two ago that I can even zoom on my iphone - nice feature to know about that I use often.
The sunset picture up above is a bit grainy looking, but that is because I zoomed in, all the other photos look great, especially compared to my last phone and the horrible pictures that it took.

I'm going to miss the beach.


Stephanie said...

Congrats to you and your husband! I can't wait to see my own hubby with his own graduation get-up next year...

Beautiful beach pictures! How fun to have your in-laws in town to celebrate with you. I'll bet you're a busy beaver now trying to get packed up. Want some help? By the way, thanks for the pictures you emailed me! Hey--I'm going to respond to that email right now while I'm thinking about it...;-)

Shan Reid said...

Love my iphone for pictures! And I learned that if you set up an iCloud account on your PC... the pictures you take on your iPhone automatically show up in a file on your computer without having to hook the phone up at all! It's awesome. It's not instantaneous, but it doesn't take very long, and there they are waiting for me on my computer!