Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Week 3

So I'm still loving keeping up with my weekly project life pages. It's fun to reflect back on the week and remember what we've done and I love figuring out how I want to design and display the photos. 

The thing that this project does for me is give structure and definition to getting our life documented regularly. It's so exciting to me that I have this whole year in photos and words documented. I've scrapbooked for years, yet have not much to show for it. I've even had a blog for years and at times have kept up regularly with it, but mostly have been sporadic.

 This project has helped me be successful for the first time ever in doing something regularly and have it in a format that my kids have access to look at it - ie. in a book that is on the shelf.

Details from this week:
  • We went to to the South Hills and roasted hot dogs and smores
  • I love taking pictures of sweet baby Henry. He still sleeps most of the time. He is the sleepiest baby.
  • Last week I did really good eating lots of fruits and vegetables and lost 5 pounds (this week I have not done well and have not lost a pound).
  • Cousin Carter was in town for a job his company is doing. He lives in St George so we don't get to see him much. Jeremy picked him up from the hotel he's staying at and he had dinner with us. It was particularly great to get to spend time with him because he leaves for his mission in a few weeks and we won't get to see him before he leaves.
  • Becca had her first spelling test and got 100%
  • I love the photo of Matthew in the clown wig, the girls dressed him up

Friday, September 20, 2013

September Week 2

Jeremy had the week off and was able to help out with the kids and around the house as I continued to rest and recover from having a baby and from taking care of a new baby.
Jeremy took the boys camping to the South Hills and they had a great time bike riding and 4 wheeling in the hills (wish we could say mountains, but hills are the best that we have around here).

Henry had to be on a bili rubin blanket for a few days to get his jaundice to go away. Because of the cover on the light pad it made him glow green.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Week of School

Here in Idaho school doesn't start until after Labor Day. Lydia has afternoon kindergarten and Jeremy was able to take Lydia for her first day of school. They line up outside the building by the door that goes into their classroom. She only wanted us to wait with her the first few days of school and now she is fine to go by herself.

I've been loving the "clean design" look lately and kept it minimalist with mostly white, words and pictures. It doesn't take any less time for me to do this style, it seems like it should be less time consuming, but somehow it still takes just as long as when I use different papers and embellishments.

Friday, September 13, 2013

No Time for Computer

I've had no time for the computer lately - I'm too busy holding my sweet new baby. He's already 2 weeks old and growing so big - he's gained a pound and half since birth and is almost 9 pounds now.
He's not sleeping so well at night - he's sleeps great all day long, just not at night, so therefore I'm not sleeping much either.

Here is the page from when Henry was born.

And from the rest of that week. Two days before Henry was born was Lyida's 5th birthday. Lydia and Henry are the only ones in our family to share a birthday month. The other 6 of us (parents included) each have our own birth month. If Henry would have held out for a few more days his due date was in September, but he was too eager to get here and came early.