Friday, September 13, 2013

No Time for Computer

I've had no time for the computer lately - I'm too busy holding my sweet new baby. He's already 2 weeks old and growing so big - he's gained a pound and half since birth and is almost 9 pounds now.
He's not sleeping so well at night - he's sleeps great all day long, just not at night, so therefore I'm not sleeping much either.

Here is the page from when Henry was born.

And from the rest of that week. Two days before Henry was born was Lyida's 5th birthday. Lydia and Henry are the only ones in our family to share a birthday month. The other 6 of us (parents included) each have our own birth month. If Henry would have held out for a few more days his due date was in September, but he was too eager to get here and came early. 

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