Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Becca is a joy! She is two years old, so she also can be a handful - always getting into things and always wanting to do things herself - "I do it" and "I did it" are two of the most common things she says.
Becca is so cute with baby Lydia. She can't quite say Lydia, it sounds more like "I deea" and Becca loves to say "I deea, no, no, no" and gibber at her and try to get her to laugh. Becca talks a mile a minute and has lots of stories to tell, we just can't understand her, as grandpa Scott says, who knows what language she is speaking.
Becca loves to sing. At church she will hold the hymnbook (sometimes upside down) and sing "la, la" during the songs. Her favorite song is "I love to see the Temple" and she sings along and knows almost all of the words. At bedtime she has us sing that song to her over and over and over again.
When she says "no" she has the cutest and funniest inflection in her voice - like when we are looking at a book and I ask her a question she loves to answer "no", but it's the way that she says it is so cute and funny - and the face that she makes when she says it.

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Heather said...

really cute and bright photos jenni. These are fun things to capture and write about. someday she'll be 6 and be so different - good but different. :) i miss my cutie hannah so little saying the funny and innocent things.