Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friend magazine online

Have you seen the new options for the online Friend magazine
It now has interactive online things for kids to do - color, listen to stories, games, etc. I had a fun time using the online coloring - try it out.
The Friend is the greatest resource - I am just starting to realize the possibilities. The other day Charlie and I did the mystery word hunt at the back of the January 2009 Friend. It was great, not only as an activity to do together, but it gave him great practice with the alphabet and putting words together - what a fun way for him to learn.


Heather said...

i really do need to remember to focus on the friend more. sometimes we dive into it, and sometimes we forget. i almost always cry when i read it to the kids because it's so inspiring and cute. thanks for the reminder.

oh - also... your draper temple trip sounded neat. we are going on feb 12. you got some neat photos with your family. hurray for temples!

The Dawlings said...

I absolutely love the friend! so many things and stories, etc. I especially love the "activities" where you cut things out, etc. I have my own little laminator and I use it for those things and then the kids can use them over and over again. I use it for FHE and for during church. It has been so great for the kids!