Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hair and kids

Lydia in her new bouncer - she loves it for about 5 minutes at a time - then she wants to be held again.
Look at that sweet face - she is so adorable!

Jeremy currently has a beard. I love it, but he continuously is threatening to shave it off. He has such a baby boy face that the beard makes him look more like a man. Either way - he is a handsome man and I love him.

I got my hair cut last week - I wasn't going for that short of a cut - but I'm glad it ended up that short - I love it! It is super easy to do and stays looking nice the whole day. When I had long hair it always ended up pulled back in a pony tail sooner or later.

My children are ever adventurous and last week decided to rearrange their room. Charlie took his mattress off the top of the bunkbed and put his shelves and some chairs on the platform. His mattress is on the floor, where it has stayed since last week and so far they still like the arrangement. With his mattress on the floor there isn't much floor space left. This arrangement might end sooner than later because it is starting to bug me - I don't like stepping on the mattress to get to the window and to get to the dresser.


Jenny B said...

Your hair looks great!

angela said...

Your hair looks awesome! You are beautiful =)