Saturday, July 07, 2012

New life

So, our time in Florida has come to a close and right now we are in between things. Currently we are in Utah staying with Jeremy's parents who live in the mountains and we are loving the beauty and cooler weather.

Yesterday we went boating with Brad at Gunlocks reservoir. It is so beautiful there. The kids enjoyed being pulled in the tube behind the boat and Charlie was able to get up on the knee board and he loved it.

Today Charlie and Tom have been helping Jeremy and grandpa do yard work-grandpa is putting in a waterfall feature.

Earlier Jeremy and I snuck away for a lunch date at the little restaurant in town, even leaving little Matthew with grandma and the rest of the kids. We rode on the four wheeler down the rode to the Brandin Iron for chicken salad (with homemade ranch, yum) and an ice cream cone at the new ice cream shop they just opened.

Last summer the kids and I spent the summer here with grandma and grandpa and we had such a lovely summer (Jeremy was doing clinicals in Davenport and Port st Joe in Florida). It is nice to have Jeremy with us this summer and enjoy this together as a family.


Kandie said...

The mountains sound so nice right now!! I bet the kids are loving the space, and so are you. You'll love being in your own place too. You have been busy posting pics, and we loved looking at them all. We had some great times in FL and it will always have a special place in our hearts. I'm so glad you went to Lego land. How fun. Not fun you got sick tho. YUCK.

Kandie said...
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Stephanie said...

Those pictures are so lovely and make me miss the mountains so much! I'm glad you're enjoying time together as a family. Soak it up!!! I'm also glad to hear you found a nice rental home in Idaho. When do you plan to head up north? We already miss you guys here! But, at least there's still blogging... ;-)