Friday, January 27, 2012

Name that Baby

 People have been asking who Matthew looks like and I don't really know, so I'll let you decide for yourself.  Can you name the baby? And who looks who?

So, what is it like having 5 kids, crazy, but I don't really know the reality of it yet.  My wonderful friends and neighbors have been bringing meals for the last week, so many yummy things each night, and my sister is here helping take care of the kids and the house, so all I've had to focus on is Matthew. 
When she leaves in 10 days or so will be the litmus test.

Here are the baby photos with the answers, how many did you get right? The color of clothing and the baby bow should have helped narrow down the possibilities. 



lisa said...

oh jenni- these pictures got me all choked up! what a special little (ok, now its big) family you guys have. I'm so glad your here!

and, surprisingly, i was able to figure out who is who. i still think matthew looks like lydia :) charlie and becca were the easiest for me to figure out, so from there was pretty easy.

Kandie said...

I think Matthew looks like a mixture of Tom and Lydia. They are all so precious.

I am proud of you!!

Carolina said...

I got them all right!!! When I saw that top picture though, I thought, oh my goodness, he looks just like Charlie!!!

He is so adorable. I mean, everybody tells everybody that their baby is cute, but Matthew really is realllllly cute!!! He is so sweet, and I cannot wait to meet the little guy!

Stephanie said...

Hey! This is Stephanie--you know, the homeschooler from the next town over. (I just sent you an email, by the way, and was dying to know how you're all doing! I guess this post answers my question!)

Anyhow, Matthew is SO cute! What priceless pictures of a beautiful family. You are so blessed! I'm glad you've been able to focus on your baby and have so much help. And I'd love to step in and help in ten days when the poop hits the fan! (just kidding... i'm sure you'll be fine!)