Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anxiously Waiting

As much as I tell myself to be patient, I'm just not being very patient these last few weeks of my pregnancy. Last night I thought for sure I was going into labor - I had an hour of very consistent and close contractions that were much more than braxton hicks, but then they suddenly went away and I've had nothing all day. I'm at week 38, so it really could be any time now, or it still could be another few weeks. I'm really not very good at waiting. A couple weeks ago my doctor asked for my prediction and I gave him today's date. Well now that today is almost over and I'm still pregnant and my prediction was wrong.... now I just have to wait more. Bummer.
To keep myself distracted I've been reading a lot. I'm too tired and lazy to motivate my self to do things like housework, or scrapbook, or even blog. So, I've been reading a lot. The past two weeks I've read 4 books - two were over 600 pages long - Stephanie Myers books - her last in the Twilight series, "Breaking Dawn", and her other one, "The Host". I liked them, but I don't know that they will make my favorites list (hope I don't offend any Twilight fans, they were good, but probably just a one time read for me). Although they are large books, 600+ pages, they read very quickly and I think they only took me two or three days each to read.

I've been working with Charlie on learning to read using "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons". We are half way through the lessons. He is doing so well. Costco is carrying the "BOB" books right now, which are great little easy readers for beginners. They seem very simplistic in story and in illustration, but I think that is what appeals to kids, Charlie loves them. It's been a nice bonding experience working with Charlie learning to read. Although most days he doesn't really want to do his lessons, it only takes a minute or two to convince him to do it and I love the sparkle he gets in his eye when he accomplishes the lessons and is proud of himself for reading the words and the stories. When we were at Costco buying the BOB books, Charlie also saw a book about the body with a wealth of pictures and information about the make of the body. He is very interested in the body and how it works and begged me to buy the book. The first night we had it we spent about an hour looking at it. He would decide what part of the body he wanted to know more about and we would look it up in the book and then he would look at every picture and ask me to read every paragraph on the page. In particular he was fascinated with the brain. The picture in the book had the different area of the brain colored in various colors to distinguish the different functions of the brain. At first he thought it was cool that our brain was so many different colors, so I had to explain it really isn't. That particular diagram showed what part of the brain coordinated with which sense. Today Charlie asked me which part of the brain memories are stored in. That wasn't one of the things that page talked about, and I don't know the answer, so I told him we would have to look it up in his book. I love that he loves to learn.


The Dawlings said...

ugh. those last few weeks are horrible, good luck. I agree with you on the Twighlight books. Once was enough for me (and I read fast, too--I started it at 8 pm one night and finished it at 4 pm the next day...)
You are such a great mom. I love all the things you do with your kids!!!

Heather said...

Wow! You are close. Just the other day I was thinking that your babe was coming soon. Sounds like you are doing good things. Hannah is so excited to learn how to read better. I need to sit down with her daily and help her learn. I haven't read any of the twilight books.

anyhoo... good luck with your pregnancy. I hope the last few days go well. Be sure to have your hubby post when you have your babe so we can know all is well.

Happy reading to you! have you read goose girl and that series by Hale? I also really liked a book of a thousand days by her.

Heather said...

oh - i like your cute prego photo too. lovely - lovely! Happy gestating. :)

Marne said...

I love tha picture of you Jenni! Fabulous! You look great.

I haven't even read the Twilight books yet...I really don't have a desire yet, is that bad? Oh well.

Alison said...

You are a gorgeous pregnant woman! Good luck with final days! Can't wait to hear the good news and see photos of your sweet new baby.

Jenny B said...

The last couple of weeks are rough! And my kids don't want to come out so I always go over and that is the pits! Can't wait to hear the news-Good luck!