Monday, October 13, 2008

Visit to the Nature Center

I'm adjusting to life with four kids. Really it's going rather well, I'm just not getting to things I used to do (like posting on my blog page or scrapbooking). I still do manage to take my kids out quite often - we love going to the library and to the park. Last week I took them to the Nature Center. There is a trail that goes past a small pond, it had 7 ducks swimming around, and there are many plants and trees native to this area. It was a beautiful day and the boys were busy gathering nuts and leaves from the trees.

Yesterday we blessed the baby - Lydia Lucille Taysom. Yes, we finally chose a name for her. We had decided Lydia a while ago, but didn't get her middle name decided on until a few days ago. Lucille is after Jeremy's mom's mom (technically his grandma, but she died when Susan was 12, and the only grandma he has known is Betty Ann).
Saturday was Charlie's birthday, he turned 6 years old. Last week he asked if we could start his birthday at 6 am, I said I wouldn't be awake yet, but if he wanted to get up that early he could. We did follow our yummy tradition we started of having birthday cake for breakfast and he got to open his gift from mom and dad. Saturday was also Charlie's first day of gymnastics at the city rec center. He enjoyed the class and did great at learning to do cartwheels. He has been practicing and is getting good at them. I tried doing one today to see if I still could and sure enough I was able to do it fairly well. Tom kept trying to do one, but he was trying to get his head in on the action and ended up doing more of an awkward somersault.


Marne said...

Nice to hear how you are doing Jenni! Beautiful name for your daughter.

**Mom2Boyz** said...

Hey Jenni. I love your blog and your pages are beautiful. Do you use photoshop? Where is this place at? We blessed our babies the same day! Lydia is beautiful. Anyhow, I remember reading that you were teaching Charlie to read. I recently heard that a book called "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" is really great. It's available online or at Barnes & Noble. Anyhow, I think you're very talented with these pages;-)