Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Intertube fun

Kids always find an alternate use for items. Becca brought the intertubes in the house and the girls found them to be great "movie watching" chairs.
However, it wasn't long before Lydia was sound asleep on the floor and Becca opted for a more comfortable chair to watch "snow white". 
I am so in love with these pictures. I'm excited at how well they turned out. I read an article about light source for taking photos and it an A+ tip, look at the light in those photos - completely unedited. Here is a link to that article if anyone is interested.


lisa said...

What amazing photos! That was a great article too. We have a set of french doors that i am always dragging the kids to to take their pictures because the lighting makes all the difference! Thanks for sharing your adorable kids!!

Bridgette said...

Those pictures are so great! You have such an inspiring style of scrap-booking. Did you know that you inspired me to try my hand at digital scrap-booking? I am also doing a FHE theme this year of scripture heroes. Thanks for being such an inspiring friend.

Heather said...

your photos do look really great jenni. Good job on the photography!