Saturday, October 23, 2010


Guess what my kids were fighting over this morning?

cleaning the toilet

Charlie choose for his chore to clean all the toilets, but Tom was mad because he wanted to clean one too and then Becca said she wanted to clean one.

I couldn't believe they were actually fighting over who would get to clean them.

They finally worked it out and each of them cleaned a toilet.

I was just glad I didn't have to clean them.

I hope they always want to clean the toilet - I may never have to clean one again.


Heather said...

too funny!!! send them to my house. We have 3 for them to shine!!! :)

Carolina said...

You lucky lucky mommy. I wonder if I could get sophie to clean my toilets?

Jenny B said...

Wow, you are doing some amazing parenting if you get them to fight over cleaning toilets.