Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy helpers

I love happy helpers. The other day I was fixing lunch and turned to see Lydia (age 2) unloading the dishwasher, towel in hand to dry the ones that were still wet. No one had asked her to, she just wanted to help. I stood watching her for a few minutes than went and found my camera to take a video.

The thing that is nice about having many kids is that the younger ones learn by watching the older ones. Lydia has seen her brothers do the dishes many times. Now, being short like she is she can't reach the cupboards to put the dishes away, but she was able to successfully unload the whole dishwasher and set all the dishes on the counter and put the silverware in the drawer

Then, after finishing the dishes, she and Becca wanted to help make sandwiches. The only problem with small helpers and jam is the stickiness that gets on everything.

I found this photo on my camera. Apparently the boys gathered all their toy cars and trucks together for a photo shoot.

This photo is from January when we made our surprise visit to Utah. Christmas day we decided we were missing family so much that we hopped in the car and drove non-stop to Utah from Florida (a 40+ hour trip, left on Saturday night and arrived there Monday midday). Jeremy flew back to Florida to finish the semester that ended the fourth week of January and the kids and I stayed in St George for the month.

We very much enjoyed spending time with family and friends for a whole month. The kids particularly enjoyed playing in the snow, in Pine Valley. Coming from Florida we had no snow clothing, so we bought and borrowed warm clothes. I didn't even own a jacket and had to buy one, and some sweaters.

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