Tuesday, August 30, 2011

News and fun

It's been awhile.

We got back from Utah at the beginning of August and have been busy homeschooling since then.

My news is that I am pregnant, 20 weeks, so not really new news, but haven't really been spreading the news.

It's been raining a lot, we didn't get any effects of hurricane Irene, ironic since we live in hurricane territory, yet all up the east coast is where it hit.

Lydia turned 3 last week.

Since I'm not too full of words I'll share a few funny's.

Is this not so true.

Do you need ideas for pet costumes?

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and use the same materials, but get a different result.

this isn't really funny, it's a sad but true

way to look on the bright side

a fun way to go

I always wondered what they did on their time off

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EmilyC said...

Hey Jen,
This is Emily Campbell. I was just roaming the computer because I needed a time out from my children for a minute and I was checking blogs for fun and came across your blog. Congrats on having a baby. I'm so sorry we didn't get to see you guys while you were in St. George. We have moved to Bloomington to be closer to other homeschooling families and our house was too small with four kids running around. So how has Florida been for you all? When are you planning on moving back to St. George?