Saturday, November 12, 2011

and bears, oh my!

We had an uninvited guest trying to take up residence in our neighborhood.
Yesterday I got and email about a bear sighting in our neighborhood.
I didn't know there were bears in Florida, alligators yes, bears, no.

I figured he was just passing through the neighborhood so I didn't worry about it too much.

Then this afternoon the neighbor kids (carpenters) who were over playing were walking home and soon came running back telling me they saw the bear.
I drove them to their house and just then the bear came lopping across the street.

Wildlife control had been called so we hung around watching the bear, thinking the wildlife control would be there soon. The bear seemed content munching on nuts from the tree and didn't seem bothered by the people cautiously gathered on the opposite of the road.

 Over an hour later the bear was still passively under the tree and wildlife control finally came.

They weren't shooting bullets, just pellet bags (or some such thing) that would be enough to cause the bear to run off and not want to come back again (hopefully anyway).

All this caused for an interesting afternoon, but I'm really not wanting to hear of bears in our neighborhood again.

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lisa said...

hahaha, this is too funny! yes, we have bears! lots and lots of bears. and lots of deer too. glad you guys were able to enjoy something a little out of the ordinary :)