Saturday, September 01, 2012

Swimming at the Lake

We live ten minute from Dierkes Lake where the kids can go swimming. It is such a pretty setting with a large park area that has large trees and lots of grass. The opposite side of the lake has sage brush and rocks which makes the trees and grass all the more appreciated and welcoming.

There is a diving board that the boys had a good time jumping from. Lydia and Becca played at the shallow part, mostly digging in the sand and building in the sand.

Towards the end of our time there the boys thought it was fun to get out of the water, roll in the sand, lay all crusted on the bank and then jump in the water to wash off only to do it all again.


lisa said...

what fun! looks like you guys are really enjoying your new surroundings. cant tell you how much i miss you all!!! give those kiddos a squeeze for me :)

Kandie said...

It looks so beautiful there!! Your cute kids always know how to have a good time. We miss you. I'm still amazed you have 5 kids. I didn't get to see Matthew enough to have it gel in my head that he is yours. :) He is sure getting big.