Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Kids are so cute and funny. It's good to take time to capture the moments like these ones.

Becca and Lydia keep themselves occupied while I do school with the boys. Yesterday their activity of choice was to set up a stand where they were selling rocks and bugs. Fortunately they have kind brothers who came out and made some purchases.

Then there was Matthew, who is pulling himself up on everything. He is months old almost and although is already in 12 month clothes, he still is short in comparison to everything else around him. I couldn't resist taking a picture of him to remember his cute, short self.

Lydia is a goof and as she walked around with goggles perched on her head I knew this was another fleeting moment. Most kids go through the goggle phase and I have one super cute picture of Tom when he was a 2 year old with goggles on.

I have to capture these moments because all too soon they are 10, like Charlie will be tomorrow, and on and on they grow.

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Stephanie said...

Love the updates, Jenny! You guys seem to bloom wherever you're planted, as the saying goes. Do you like Idaho? You sure make me miss the mountains and camping and such. And I miss fall, too! I do a double take right now whenever I see fall decorations in the stores because I forget that it's not summer anymore (in most places)! Your kids already look a little bigger than they were when you left. You guys take care! ;-)