Monday, November 05, 2012


We were in St George for Halloween and trick or treated in our old neighborhood. It was so fun to see old friends and see how much their kids have grown up.

Tom and Charlie got to go around with their cousin Dallin and they came back with bulging bags if goodies. The girls were sad that we wouldn't let them go with the big kids. Then they became annoyed with having to go around with daddy because he stayed and talked so long with everyone.

The kids love Halloween and got their costumes at least six weeks ago and they made sure they had them packed for the trip. I had nothing to do with any of it, they took care of everything, and for them thankfully so. Jeremy and I got back from our Vegas trip on Halloween and met up with them at 5 pm and they had themselves all ready. Honestly, I would like to have done something with the girls hair so it looked better, but there is always next time.

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