Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cute Girl

Becca is such a cutie, and she is at a fun age 18 months. She is full of smiles and loves. I love that she can understand so much. Her vocabulary is limited, but if I ask her questions she correctly says yes or no.
Becca is a people person. She loves to be around people and does not like to be left out. If the boys are going outside and shut the door before she gets there, she cries because they left without her.
At night she loves to snuggle up and drink her bedtime bottle while I rock her in the rocking chair. If this routine gets messed up and someone else tries to put her to bed she protests.
Becca knows her mind and knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. When ever she wants to go outside she brings me her shoes to put on her. When I'm getting her dressed there are certain clothes she likes more than others and will protest if I try to dress her in something she does not like.
Becca brings joy and love to our house and I am very thankful for her.


The Dawlings said...

I love all these pages you are doing. So cool. Maybe someday I'll get doing that too.
Your girl is darling!

Alison said...

She is a doll! And what a cute quote about happiness and kisses. Love your layout!