Friday, June 06, 2008

trip to Idaho

Tuesday was travel day. I loaded up my three kids and headed to Idaho. We are having our annual Smyth family reunion. Jeremy didn't come because last minute he was presented with an opportunity that he couldn't pass up - a week long river rafting trip down the Colorado in the Grand Canyon. He was able to go for the cost of the helicopter ride out when the trip is over and didn't have to pay the other $2000 the trip regularly costs. So he got it for about $200.

So that left me to travel alone with my kids to Idaho. I was worried that Becca would give me fits and not travel well. She nicely surprised me by taking two naps and her awake times she looked at books and played with toys and entertained herself. She fussed a few times, but Charlie would hand her a new toy or book and she was good for a while more.

We are having a wonderful time visiting with family and the kids are loving spending time with their cousins - Spencer's kids. They are all close in age and enjoy playing with each other.

The weather is not nice. It is windy, windy, windy. The kids haven't even asked to go outside today, so we've been in the house doing projects and watching movies. Mike, Susan, Debbie and I went to a session at the Rexburg Temple. This was my first time there. It is very beautiful. My parents are ordinance workers there and have 2 shifts a week. It's wonderful for them to have a temple so close by.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be nicer weather so we can play outside games and get out the water games for the kids. We keep our family reunions pretty low key - we just like getting together and spending some time with one another.


Jenny B said...

Idaho is a great place to go "home" to. My parents don't live in St. Anthony any more. They moved to Ogden, UT about 6 years ago. So, I don't make it past Ogden very often. The last time I went was 4 years ago for our class reunion. So, hopefully someone will plan a 15 year reunion next year so that I can go up again. It isn't the same, though, when there isn't a home to go to. Have fun with your family!

Alison said...

Hope you had fun in Idaho! I would love to see some pictures of your family if you post them! I saw your mom last month in the temple when we went. That is so neat that they are able to work there! It's so beautiful.