Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recent photos

I have been going through my pictures and realized I have a lot of pictures I've taken recently. I thought I should put some of these on my blog for family to see.Grandma Smyth stayed with us for a few weeks after baby Lydia was born. Here she is with Charlie and Tom.
Grandma Smyth with Becca and Lydia.
One night Jeremy was putting Becca to bed and he laid Lydia down by Becca - it was too cute to not take a photo of them together.
Every once in a while I try to do Becca's hair. I tried hair rollers, but all they did was make her hair extremely poofy. This was worse than her normal hair, so I wet the poof down and let the natural look be the look of the day.
One day a few weeks ago I heard the kids all laughing together and found them on the front lawn enjoying ice cream. They had carried the baby and her chair outside and luckily didn't try feeding her any of the ice cream.
Sweet sleeping baby Lydia.
Charlie loves his baby sister. He is always carrying her around and playing with her.
What a sweet face. Lydia is an angel baby. She is just happy to be - but don't leave her alone, she loves interacting with everyone.

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angela said...

I like Lydia's hairdo in those last couple of pics. I am grateful for you as a friend, too. I am so glad to have found you and to know more what you are up to now. I went to the for my background, they have tons of them and it tell you how to do it and it's easy (even for me). Anyway, great pictures--what cute kids you have !