Friday, November 14, 2008

What is your favorite season

Yesterday I bought a Circle Journal and the idea is to share the journal back and forth between two (or more) people. I bought it to share with my husband. I find it easier to write what I'm thinking than to share it outloud sometimes, so I thought this would great for sharing things with my husband that I might not otherwise share.

That is what I love about blogs - a place to share our thoughts that we might not otherwise vocalize and we can see into others and come to know them and their hearts. I'm glad for those that let me in on their thoughts and their lives - I'm glad to be a part of yours and to let you be a part of mine.

I thought I would share my journal entry today "What is your favorite season of the year". If you like either respond back in the comment section or put a post on your own blog.

"My favorite season of the year is this season - whatever time of year it is, the current season is my favorite. When fall begins I think, "Oh, I love fall." I love it getting colder, I love the pretty color changes of the trees, I love the wrm days and cold nights, I love the smell in the air.
When winter comes I think, "Oh, I love winter". I love the beauty of snow blanketing the ground, I love the winter holidays - the energy of the season, the smells of baking, the tastes of hot chocolate, the sights of decorations, the sounds of music and the feeling of love. Winter means time indoors, together as a family, playing games, eating together, celebrating together, and warm, cozy fires.
Then comes spring and I thing, "Oh, I love Spring". I am so happy to see the snow melt and the buds on the trees - new life is on its way. Spring is refreshing and invigorating. I love spring flowers - the colors, the smells. Growing up lilacs were my favorites, I would gather armloads and bring them to my bedroom and let the scent fill the air.
Summer comes quickly after spring (at least in St. George) and I think "Oh, I love summer". Summer is for fun and outdoor play, for baseball games and water fights, swimming and hotdogs, for staying up late and gazing at the stars.
I think the best part about life it that things change - there is always something new to look forward to.

I invite you to be part of my circle journal and to share your favorite season with me. It doesn't have to be long like my response was - I just tend to be verbose - even a sentence would be great.


Jennybug said...

Summer, summer, summer, summer!!!! There is no other time better than summer! (I'm not opinionated at all) I love it when it's warm, everything is living and growing and beautiful and you don't have to wear coats or tie your shoes! Or even wear shoes for that matter! HA! You can stay out late and it's still light, you can have a campfire in your back yard (we have a fire pit), you can play in the yard all day with your kids, you can look outside and just be happy because the sun is shining and the world is full of color! (Can you guess my least favorite season?) Even when it rains in the summer it's great because there's usually lightning and thunder to go with it. That makes for a fun storm! I love how it smells in the summer too. You can smell the flowers, the leaves, the freshly mowed grass, the dirt in your garden, the rain, sunscreen on your kids, sunshine and the wind even smells good! If I could attach a picture to this, it would be my ginormous flowerbed in my backyard where I have trees, flowering bushes, snapdragons galore, petunias, the fire pit, huge rocks and my little wind chimes. That is my dream place in the summer!

Bridgette said...

My favorite time of year is Spring. I love to grow things, as you can tell from my blog. I am already looking forward to Spring and new growth all over everything.

I love the cooler weather that comes with Fall, but I hate that the plants die. The best thing about winter, to me, is that it makes me appreciate Spring even more. Summer in Texas is pretty much miserable. Spring is definitely my favorite.