Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't use Mop and Glo

Just a little heads up - don't use Mop and Glo to clean your floors. Yes, it leaves a beautiful shine and the floor looks so good. But, if you use it for two or three years and don't ever strip it off it leaves behind years of build up that end up making the floors look worse than ever.
I did not realize what I was doing to my floors with years of mop and glo. I usually only used it once a month, but the build up was incredible. We rented a buffing machine and the guy at the store suggested we use the "white" scrubber to clean the floors. After an hour or two and seeing minimal progress we went back and got the "blue" scrubber that was more coarse and made much faster progress. It still took twelve hours of hard work - scrubbing and mopping and wipping up goopy gunk off the floor, and I still need to mop a few more times to get the final layers of white film off.

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