Monday, June 15, 2009

Yea for Me

We finally finished our last application for CRNA school. It only took us three months. I'm surprised at how long we drug our feet. Jeremy took the GRE in March and that was all we needed before we could start applying, but the paper work and writing the personal statement took us forever to do - of course weeks would go by in between doing each part of the applications. We actually finished applying to Hamot (in Pennsylvania) and the school in Florida a couple weeks ago, but the personal statement for Duke University took longer. Probably knowing that they are a more prestigious school and wanting to make sure we had a chance by writing a good enough personal statement. Today when I finished sending it in to Duke I had a wonderful feeling of relief, but also excitement. I think we have a chance of getting accepted to any and all of the schools we applied to. Now it is just the waiting game. Part of the process of getting accepted is to go to the school for an interview if we are a potential candidate. I'm hoping they will let us know sooner than later, but we might not really know anything until August.
I am truly excited for the adventure of moving away for school. Probably I'm crazy for thinking this will be a good thing - all the way across the country away from friends and family, me basically a single mom while my husband is consumed with school, and not least of all, poor, living on loans, but truly, I am excited and I know we are doing the right thing. Many times (even last week, for example) Jeremy will wonder if we are doing the right thing by going to school. On the other hand, I have never wondered, not even one time, I have always felt peace and "known" that this is the right path for us.

This month of June has been absolutely wonderful as far as weather is concerned. It has been mildly in the 80's and 90's. Last Friday we spent a wonderful afternoon at the park. The Nisson park in Washington city (15 minutes away) has wonderfully large cottonwood trees and a large grassy area. It also has a little stream that runs the length of the park and is perfect for the children to splash in.

Tom and Charlie are in summer school this month at Liberty Youth Academy, where Charlie went to school last year. Their teacher, Sister Dale, is wonderful and the boys love her. School is 5 hours Monday through Thursday - just enough to give them something structured to do during the day and enough time for me to enjoy some peace each day. Two boys so close in age can be a challenging thing - they each have such strong personalities, which often leads to competition and fighting.

I am unsure what to do with the boys for school in the fall. I would like to have them continue at Liberty Youth Academy. One thing that adds to the uncertanty is not knowing when we will be moving. Although Jeremy's school doesn't begin until January, we would like to move before then. We have September or October pegged as the estimated time to move.

I have long wanted to homeschool my kids, and I did with Charlie last fall, but the reality of it all was a little overwhelming - especially with a new baby. I'm hoping that as the baby gets a little older and the boys get more warmed to the idea that it can become a possiblity. That is what has been so wonderful about Liberty Youth Academy - it offers exactly what I would like my homeschool to be like - it is focused around God and the gospel, and also offers a good solid foundation in reading and math skills. It also offers one aspect that is more challenging to offer at home school - learning in a group setting. It is true that children can learn well in a group setting, but if done poorly, it can also be detrimental to their learning.
There are some really great homeshcool groups here in Saint George and for the older children (12 and up) there are common wealth groups avaiable for group learning, but for the younger age children they do more of book groups that do activities together.


Bridgette said...

Good luck with your husband's applications! I'm sure that you will make a lot of friends wherever you go. That is the nice thing about the church, it is always there.

angela said...

Well, wherever you go, it HAS to be closer to us...I would love you see you and your family. Hey, I read a comment you made about being in the primary and something about the primary program. Yesterday was my first day in primary and I am supposed to be doing that, too. NO IDEA what I am doing. So I need to talk to you...and I don't have your email anymore. Mine is luck! Homeschooling, what a topic all on it's own. I can tell your a good mom and it will all work out =).