Saturday, June 20, 2009

Evening in Pine Valley

We went to Pine Valley to visit Grandma and Grandpa Taysom and to go to an Elder's Quorum activity. The Myers have a cabin just behind Jeremy's parents so after visiting with g&g for awhile we went to the dinner at the Myer's cabin. We all had a nice time - there was lots of good food and the kids went on four wheeler rides and had fun playing with the other kids and I had a nice time visiting with friends. Jeremy wasn't there. He is on a motorcycle trip with his brothers and some other friends. Eight of them are on a road trip to northern California. Tomorrow they will be at the Redwoods National Forest. Jeremy is very excited to see the "tall" trees. Tonight he called and said he was looking out over the ocean. I'm glad he is able to have this time to spend with his brothers and to go see the Redwoods. I think he is having a good time and I am glad he is able to go do something he enjoys.

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