Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I feel so blessed

Becca is a joyful child. She if full of life and giggles and smiles. Becca is currently in swimming lessons and she hates the lessons, because she hates her face in the water. But despite her kicking and screaming, she is learning to swim and I'm hoping by the last day of class she won't protest so much any more.
This picture was taken at Disneyland, so of course she was happy, but truly, this is her normal expression - her beautiful smile.

The boys are also in swim lessons and they are enjoying it. We are fortunate to have a kind neighbor with a swimming pool who has a neighborhood swim day once a week. We enjoy taking advantage of that opportunity.

This scrapbook page of Becca is the first one I've done in months. For the first three months of the year I did great in downloading my pictures and getting some of them documented, but the past three months have passed by in a blur. When we went to Disneyland in May I hadn't cleared the memory card on the camera, thinking that there wasn't much on there. Unfortunately it was already more than half full and we weren't able to take lots of pictures of our vacation. Which, really, is probably a blessing, sometimes, with such big memory cards, it's easy to take too many pictures. Some times it is nice to just take a few and not try to document every moment.

My heart is bursting with gratitude. We sold our house today without even having to actively try to sell our house. Jeremy's school doesn't start until January, but we always figured we wanted to get moved by fall. The question was whether we should try to sell the house or just rent it. Jeremy didn't think it would sell, being a buyers market and all, but I didn't want the stress of hanging on to the house for the years that we would be gone. In my heart I always hoped that things would just work for our best good and if it was meant to be it would work out. Well this house must be meant for these wonderful people that are buying our house because basically they showed up on our doorstep wanting to buy our house. They are relatives of our neighbors that live on the street behind us and the husband remembered Jeremy mentioning we were looking to rent our house, but it would be nice to just sell it. Well, last week the neighbor called and said his brother was looking to move to St. George. Anyway, it all came together and today they made an offer and want to move in by the end of July. So for the month of August I think we will find a place here in St George to stay (hopefully Pine Valley, hint, hint, wink, wink, mom and dad Taysom) and then we will know where we are accepted to and we can just move there. I'm excited to embark on our new journey and selling the house just makes it all seem more real - it's really going to happen and it is really meant to be.

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