Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pink socks

A fun primary song that we like to sing is "Saturday" -" Saturday is a special day it it the day we get ready for Sunday". Even Becca will walk around singing "Saturday, special day". The unfortunate thing is I haven't actually implemented the principles of the song very well - particularly the part that says to get our clothes ready.
When we arrived at church today Charlie exclaimed - "where are my shoes?" He hadn't put them on yet, because last minute before we left the house he was trying to find black socks, couldn't find any, so I made him change from his black pants to his tan pants so he could wear white socks (a vanity issue for me, white sock with black pants is not acceptable and not allowed at our house). In the hassle of it all he did get socks on, but did not remember to grab his shoes on the way out the door. Because we were already late I did not go back home to get his shoes, I figured going shoeless to church wasn't the worst thing ever, so in we went. After the opening prayer I glanced down at Charlie's feet and thought his socks looked pink - as if something red had been washed with them. I looked closer and noticed that they indeed were pink - they were a pair of Becca's pink socks. Oh, how I hoped that no one else was going to notice not only Charlie's shoeless feet, but that he was wearing pink socks.
Needless to say, we are going to be more diligent about "Saturday" and making sure we are ready for Sunday.


Jenny B said...

That makes me feel better about the chaos at my house on Sundays. I agree with the white socks/black pants thing-no good!

Spencer Smyth said...

That's a classic story. Don't you just love children.

Bridgette said...

That is a story you need to write down. Someday it will be even more funny!

justinandjen said...

Too Funny! I didn't even notice!