Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living Primitively

We sold our house last month and moved in with Jeremy's parents in Pine Valley - 45 minutes north in the mountains. I love it there. It is beautiful and the weather is mild. The kids have lots of room to run and explore. The drawback is living so far from town and having no internet. I am in serious withdrawals. I don't know how to do anything without the internet - it is my connection to the world. I can't even pay my bills without it. I've probably become too dependant on the internet.

A little update on us. This week Jeremy and I are going to Pennsylvania for his interview at Hamot school of nurse anesthesia. I'm excited to go back to Pennsylvania. We are taking the baby with us - on the plane - I'm concerned at how well she is going to travel - she does not travel well in the car, an hour is about her max. She has a set of lungs and can scream a high pitched, bloody-murder scream. We are thinking about having the pilot make an announcement at the beginning of the flight apolgizing in advance. I'm hoping that since we will be holding her she will be happier than when she is strapped in a car seat.

Last weekend my brother Spencer moved to Moscow Idaho to go to Law School and my sister Debbie moved to Columbia Missouri two weeks ago to go to nursing school there. We are all catching the school bug and moving all over.

We are at my brother in laws house, the kids are watching tv while I use his internet to pay bills
and catch up on the internet for a very short time.

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leslie said...

so glad things are going so well for you. we miss you around these parts. primary just isn't the same. tell tommy, max or whoever he is today that i say hello. good luck with everything.