Friday, September 18, 2009

We've moved to Florida

Well, we made the big move to Florida. It was a long five day drive, but we made it and we survived. The kids did surprisingly well on the 2700 mile trip across the country. Jeremy drove the moving van and I drove our minivan. The children tooks turns riding with dad in the moving van. Thank goodness for car tv's and video games, coloring books and snacks. Most days we were in the car 10 plus hours.
Florida is hot and humid. At least St. George was only hot. We took the kids to the beach on the first night we got here. Yesterday and today we have come to the community swimming pool. The kids like the pool better than the beach - they don't like the sand - I don't like it either, it sticks everywhere - the car is full of sand. So, I think we will be coming to the swimming pool much more than we will be going to the beach - which is fine since the pool is closer and has no sand.
I love our townhome we moved into. It is a four bedroom with a two car garage. The two small bedrooms were painted pink and blue - how perfect is that, so the girls got the pink room, which Becca is totally in love with and the boys got the blue room. The master is a golden yellow color - it is a very nice color.
We thought we would be okay to sell off our furniture and get new stuff here, but now that I have been looking around for furniture I wish we had just brought our stuff with us - I remember what a pain it is trying to find furniture that is "me". I get so confused by all the beautiful furniture and overwhelmed by the prices that I just can't make any decisions. I'm going to yard sales tomorrow to see if I have any better luck,


The Dawlings said...

hope you love it out there--good luck! I understand your frustration with furniture, I have the same problem!

Hansen Happenings said...

I am so glad you made it there. We miss you here. I hope everything is going well.

Lovin' Mama said...

Wow - I'm SO our of your loop -- I need an address (email me) and I'll send you a baby announcement (because you're probably out of my loop too!!!)
Gotta keep in touch !!!

Jenny B said...

Wow, what a trip! It is also an exciting adventure. What part of Florida did you move to?