Monday, October 26, 2009


Tonight as I put Becca to bed I took a few minutes to enjoy her sweetness. "Mommy, tell me a story about Tom and a cow". So I told her a story about Tom and his magic cow and that Tom was going to play marbles with his sister Becca. She sat up and said, "okay, I'll go get Tom" and wanted to go live the story instead of just listen to it. I got her to lay back down and then she wanted a story about Peter Pan and then she wanted a story about a pig. Then she wanted me to sing to her. I asked if she would sing to me. "OK" she said and then sang "I love to see the Temple". She sang most of the song and then couldn't remember the end - "mommy, you sing it to me", so I did. Then she wanted me to sing to her the "church" song, so I sang, "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". Then she wanted me to sing the "follow" song (Follow the Prophet). By this time I realized she could stay up all night with story after story and song after song, so I asked her if we could sing that tomorrow and get out the musical instruments to do with it. "OK". The way she says "OK" is the cutest thing ever - it's always with excitement and a sing-song tone to it.

Lydia was full of kisses today. She has been sick the last few days and today is doing much better. So as she toddled around this afternoon she kept coming back to the kitchen where I was and made her kissey noise and lifting her face to mine. I would lean down and give a kiss and then she would wander off, a few minutes later she would come back, make the kissey noise, I would kiss and she was off again. Then she gave kisses to each of the kids and then Becca came to get kisses from me - there were kisses all around. It's so good to see her feeling better. Yesterday when she still wasn't quite better at odd moments she would just lie down on the floor, rest for a minute or two and then was up and off again.

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