Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Jeremy is a golfer, Jenni is a fisherman, Lydia is cute, Becca is a princess, Tom is SWAT and Charlie is a firefighter.

Lydia was a Ladybug for our ward party on Wednesday night.

We had a fun Halloween day. Earlier today we took our bikes to a park with a nice bike path and once we were hot and sweaty we went to the splash pad, to cool down. That was definitely one thing that was very different about today - it was so hot and a bit humid. I don't ever remember sweating while trick or treating before. And, the bugs were out - lots of mosquitoes.

The kids got tons of candy. We only went to part of our subdivision and only a few houses on each street had lights on, yet even from those few houses their bags were filled to overflowing. A lot of the houses gave each child a handful of candy. At the end of trick or treating the kids were complaining that their bags were so heavy, despite the weight, Becca wouldn't give her bag to me to carry, she wanted to carry it.


Mignon Smyth said...

Fun pictures. The kids look great in there costumes. Our weather on Hollween was definitely very cold as usual.

leslie said...

so cute! allie was also a ladybug, but i'm not together enough to have those pictures posted:) tell the kids hello. i miss their voices in primary!