Saturday, December 12, 2009

beach day

For all those who are bundled with furnaces cranked up and snow swirling come join us for a day at the beach. We went to Marco Island today, which is about a half hour south of where we live. We wanted to go for a bike ride and go to the beach. There isn't anyplace we have found that we can ride along the beach, so the closest we could find was riding along the sidewalk past all the resort hotels that are beach front and than we parked our bikes and enjoyed some time at the beach. We just did some digging and collecting. The kids found over 20 dead stingrays. They had a lot of fun running up and down the beach collecting them. Even Becca was picking them up and carrying them back to our stash pile.


lisa said...

jenni- i found your blog through some others and have enjoyed it immensely! i had no idea you were such an amazing photographer! the pictures you took of the carpenters are incredible and this batch you took at the beach, i am just in love with!!! we are so happy to have you guys in the area and can't wait to get to know your little family much much better! -lisa brower

Heather said...

i love marco island!!!!~ We used to go to TigerTail beach. I love your photos! I wish I would have seen those in the middle of winter! I love that bare bum too. And your baby is not a baby anymore!!! Kids sure grow so fast!