Saturday, January 23, 2010


We went to the beach twice this week. The first time was on Wednesday, late afternoon. We got there in time for sunset. The ocean was calm, the water was gently lapping the shore. The colors in the sky were soft pinks and blues. The sun was a deep orange. It was so peaceful and beautiful. If Lydia wouldn't have fallen in the water and gotten soaking wet and if Becca had eaten dinner instead of falling asleep and as consequence was now so hungry she didn't want to stay at the beach, we would have stayed longer to enjoy the beautiful evening. But, it was short lived and after 15 minutes we left, I was sad to leave such a beautiful scene.
Yesterday was our second time at the beach. While the boys were at school the rest of us decided the day was warm enough ( 80 degrees) that the beach should be pleasant. It's interesting how the ocean is so different from day to day. Wednesday it was calm and serene. Today it was quite the opposite. The waves were crashing into the beach and there was a dense fog that limited how far we could see - not even a hundred yards before the fog engulfed what was beyond that short distance. Although the air was warm, the water was cold. It was shocking the first time the water lapped my feet, but as always, it doesn't take long for the once cold water to seem pleasant. Walking along the beach with children, especially toddlers, who literally toddle along. There are shells to examine, and sand to scoop (and throw, that is Lydia's favorite thing), waves of water to chase and people to wave to. As we walked down the beach, away from the groupings of people who set up near the parking lot, the fog even further separated us from other people, and except for the occasional passerby who was also walking along the beach, we felt like the beach was our own private sanctuary. The fog made it seem dreamlike and the overall effect was so soothing.

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