Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year! Is it really 9 days into the new year already? How time flies. It's been rainy and cold so we've been indoors more this week. We wanted to go for a bike ride today, but it rained all day. The kids got to play with some friends this morning and then they spent a majority of the rest of the day building with legos. This picture isn't from today, I unfortunately didn't get a photo of today's creation. Jeremy and the boys come up with some great things. Just yesterday we added to our lego collection with a bucket of legos we found at a thrift store. All of our legos are second hand. They are too expensive from the store, so we keep our eyes out for used ones and so far have four buckets of legos, which apparently is enough to build large creations.

I wanted to share a link to Book of Mormon charts to mark off as you read the Book of Mormon. One in particular caught my eye. It is in the shape of a temple and by the time you read the whole Book of Mormon the temple is colored in. I want to post it in the living room and use it for our family scripture study so we can see our progress this year.

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Heather said...

so - i never thought about using a book of mormon chart for family scripture reading. we'll have to do that. we're in alma, but it will still be fun for the kids to see how far we've come. thanks for the link to the charts.