Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Adventures

We've been busy out and about having fun and learning about nature and animals.
We went to the "U Pick" farm to get strawberries to make strawberry freezer jam. We met with three other families, so there were 14 children total. The kids had a fun time gathering strawberries. Lydia was the cutest to watch. She had a little green basket and gathered her own strawberries. She was insistent to carry it herself and every time I tried to carry it for her she protested, holding it tighter to herself. She dropped the basket many times and re-gathered her berries into the basket, covered in dirt. Even when I put her in her car seat she insisted to hold them on the ride home.

The picture of Tom in an apron fast asleep in his bed was from last week when Tom had been playing "kitchen" in the girls room at bed time. He was sad when I said it was time to put it away and go to sleep. Always one who wants to be prepared, he went to bed in his chef uniform, ready to play when he woke in the morning.

These last pictures are from the "Imaginarium" - a wonderfully fun, hands on learning place. The kids got to pet a baby alligator, a tarantula, a snake, and stingrays. Even little Lydia petted each of them - she was particularly taken with the tarantula. Charlie got to feed the stingrays, the other kids were a little too nervous to feed them.

I don't have any pictures, but my sister Susan came to visit for the weekend. It went all too quickly. We picked her up Thursday night at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and had dinner at the IHop before coming home. Friday we went to the beach for a few hours. Saturday we spent many hours at the pool with other friends and later Sue and I went to the California Pizza Kitchen - so I could share my favorite dinner of "Pear and Gorgonzalla Pizza" with her. Sunday it was rainy all day, but we were able to take her to the beach one last time at sunset, so she could enjoy it one last time before she had to leave early this morning.
Thanks Sue for coming to visit - it was short, but worth it, we enjoyed having you.

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