Sunday, April 18, 2010

Singing in the Rain

It rains a lot here. Yesterday and today lots of rain. Today it rained all afternoon. I love the rain and I love walking in the rain. Charlie got out his umbrella and went outside and I couldn't resist, I had to go out too. I borrowed Becca's mostly-broken umbrella that still provided enough protection to take my camera outside and snap a few pictures.
Later we pulled out the rain ponchos and went to the deserted beach for a family walk in the rain along the shore. We only have four ponchos so the little girls were wrapped in towels and carried. I didn't feel brave enough to take my camera to the rainy beach - so there are no pictures of our lovely walk of the blue covered figures roaming the solitaire beach (it was awesome - not a single soul in sight - I guess we were the only ones crazy enough to go out on a lovely rainy afternoon).


lisa said...

oh man, i am right there with you jenni. i absolutely love the rain. looks like your kids are taking after you and enjoy it too! i bet you guys didnt have any problems finding a parking spot at the beach :)

Kandie and Steve said...

I love the rain too. I hope I don't get sick of it here. We'll have to join you next time. My kids love when they can go play in the rain. It's a crazy sort of rain here isn't it. Your pics are so fun.

Bridgette said...

Your little girl is so photogenic. Either that, or you are an awesome photographer. Probably both!